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8. Overview of reporting research findings


Introduction of the research, objectives and how achieved, methodology and main findings.

Literature Review

Review any previous work to do with the topic of research. Include a general discussion of how it relates to research - i.e. supports, contests, proves or disproves.


Discuss how the results were achieved and provide explanations of how data was gathered/collated/generated and how the data was analysed. Discuss any methodological problems and their solutions and or effects on the research.


  1. the purpose of the research section
  2. keep notes of what you did, why you did it and what happened
  3. remember who your audience will be

Results and Discussion

Provide the interpretation, presentation and/or discussion of the results. Also, any comparisons with the results of previous research or effects of methods used on the data obtained.


  1. has the research question/problem been solved?
  2. to what extent have the objectives been achieved?
  3. what has been learned from the results?
  4. how can this knowledge be used?
  5. what are the shortcomings of the research or methodology used?