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Unit 5 Quantitative Research

1. Overview of quantitative and qualitative methods

Methodology is concerned about both the ways in which the research is carried out - i.e. its structure and process, as well as with the way in which this information is analysed.

The two approaches to research are:

  1. Quantitative - based on the methods used in the natural sciences
  2. Qualitative - based on methods which are said to be humanistic

Quantitative methods:

  • Used to find out how much, how many, how often, to what extent
  • Aims to be objective and scientific in its approach
  • Quantitative research is hypothetico-deductive in its approach to constructing social theories
  • Aims to assess and measure
  • Is regarded as a way to get to the truth, to understand the world well enough so that we might predict and control it through identifying cause and effect relationships
  • Quantitative research can be
  • administered by the researcher
  • self-administered
  • one to one
  • in a group
  • face to face
  • telephone
  • postal
  • email

The attached link provides an insight into the use of quantitative methods to search for truth.

This unit will investigate quantitative research, its role, purpose, process and strengths and weaknesses.