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Unit 4 Research Design

1. Introduction to Research Design

Research is the study of materials, sources and data in order to get conclusions. Getting the research design right is the first step towards organised research, which is more likely to be good research.

The research design provides the structure of the research and links all of the elements of the research together. It provides the researcher the opportunity to carefully consider the research and to plan the way in which they will approach the research, for example, the following elements will be considered:

  1. sample
    1. chosen
    2. random
  2. purpose of research
  3. how will the data be collected or generated
  4. how will the data be analysed (i.e. how you got your results)
  5. explain how you will obtain your results
    1. the data obtained may affect the results
    2. clarify why you chose the research methods
    3. provide evidence that the data will be collected in a consistent and acceptable manner
    4. demonstrate that the research methods are appropriate to the research
  6. identify and acknowledge any issues or barriers and how you might go about dealing with them